Industry + Academia


Seeing undiscovered opportunities, being able to build a team and inspire others to execute upon ideas requires leadership beyond the ordinary. Being a co-founder/CEO of a Silicon Valley startup, a Fortune 500 Director of Development or a faculty member responsible for mentoring hundreds of original research projects all require a distinct yet core set of common skills that reinforce each other.

Working across industries as varied as network security in Silicon Valley, financial service in Tokyo, supply chain in Latin America or higher education in small town Midwest informs a flexible, respectful and cross-disciplinary approach to communication and collaboration. Over the most recent years, I have co-founded and developed the world’s first human-centered AI program and AI Lab mentoring hundreds of original research projects by those underserved by traditional CS/AI curriculums including over 60% women, 14% Black, 11% Hispanic and 90% non-STEM students. These quality research projects have been downloaded over 26k times from by leading
academic, commercial and governmental institutions from over 150 countries worldwide.